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I find my inspirations in anything I see -  in nature,  in every day life, in a restaurant, in a subway train, everywhere, by chance or consciously? That makes no difference and there are no limits.

During a walk in a forest, for example, it may happen that the gnarled roots of an old tree change into the faces of dwarves and leprechaunns, in other words: motives for a new painting. Inspirations cannot be just 'wished!" They are a privilege for the artist, not a service which could be ordered, not a technique which might simply be learned.

What we are aware of and what we are able to explain is only the tip of the iceberg! Let us take my LOVE TRAYS!

They are all individually styled, of different shapes and colour.  Friends and interested people  often tell me  that many of these trays remind them of exotic beaches, making them dream of the sound of the sea! Was this originally my intention? There are deep secrets which evade being expressed in words..

Verifizierte Hersteller

Wir von LoveTrays sind verifizierte Hersteller und bieten mit inzwischen über 90 verschiedennen Designs unseren Kund*innen eine große Auswahl an Motiven.

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